Sitemap - 2014 - The DTM

Take Note: shows at Rapture through December 4

Saturday costumes

Private security on the DTM? Local firm, for now, is doing it for free in the wake of the Hannah Graham abduction

Take Note: shows at the Whiskey Jar through November 29

Zombie Apocalypse coming to the DTM

Take Note: shows at Threepenny Cafe through October 26

DTM more dangerous for women than UVA? Stats, evidence suggest otherwise

Vintage DTM: Main Street 100 years ago

Take Note: shows at Rapture through November 1

Snapshot: Biking inspired wall art on Market Street

Important to focus on this: where did Graham and Matthew go after they left Tempo?

Exclusive from Coy Barefoot: The Hours Before LJ Met Hannah

Take Note: Shows at Whiskey Jar from September 26 to November 1

Take Note: shows at the Main Street Annex through November 21

"I've been playing violin since I was 5..."


No worries

Take Note: music line-up at Threepenny Cafe through September 25


Take Note: music line-up at Miller's through September

Take Note: Shows at the Twisted Branch tea Bazaar through September

Bear Bash: Top of the Hops Beer Fest, September 20

"We're having a girls' day out..."

"I like to help people create their ideal environment for growth..."

Take Note: shows at Fellini's #9 through October 3

Take Note: Whiskey Jar shows through October 4

Up to Pasture: local artist has vision to turn Landmark into vertical farm

"I sing and give my voice to the cause I am protesting..."

"No peace, no justice" Protesters gather on the DTM

Scenes from the "Best of" Party at the Jefferson School

"He's the most important thing to me..."

"My life struggle is weight loss.."

"I was a nuclear engineer trying to be romantic..."

"I work here at Water Street Parking Garage part-time..."

A community for new moms...

Bag with matching bat: DTM clothing store gets unexpected visitor

"We came out of the mountains to see it again..."

"Make no assumptions..."

"Dave Matthews used to live here..."

"This town here is magical..."

Seven reasons why you ought to check out the Jefferson School City Center

A poem from Eppie's

New to this place...from Tibet

"Charlottesville is pretty much what you make it..."

"I teach others not to do alcohol and drugs."

At The Flat making crêpes

"At Les Fabriques, we start teaching kids how to sew at age 7."

"It's like the biblical essence of grace, but without psychotropic drugs."

"It makes you very aware of how fragile life is."

"I went a week without eating..."

Humans of the DTM: meeting Johnny Cash

Vintage DTM: pre-Ice Park view of the West End

Hot bites: New Neapolitan pizza place opening

Richmond restaurateur buys El Puerto's

Full Circle: Blue Mountain to take over South Street

Vintage DTM: pre-DTM view of 5th Street

Vintage DTM: Roseberry on Main, 1963

SPCA’s Bow-WOW-Walk: First ever K-9 2.5k happens at Lee Park

DTM local music guide - June

Legalized extortion? DTM music venue owners sound off on licensing fees

Vintage DTM: Woolworth's, Miller's in the 1980s

A remembrance: Good-bye to long-time C & O owner Dave Simpson

Ephemeral mural: Indian mural to remain, but obscured by new hotel

Vintage DTM: Dogwood Festival Parade

Picture This: Indian mural stands alone as Charlottesville hotel goes up

The DTM at Crowdfunded Pitch Night!

Bookmark this: shows at The Whiskey Jar through May 17

Tom Tom Terrific: Festival brings fresh ideas, fun, art, music , and more!

Sandwich Lab: Lunch on the DTM just got a little more interesting

BREAKING NEWS: Construction on "Landmark" could begin this summer

Tapas is Tops: Two Downtown area restaurants make one special list

City Market opens this Saturday, April 5

DTM DEALS: $20 for $40 of clothing & accessories at etcetera

Instant Karma: Shine On at Fellini's Live Band Karoke

NYC bound? Starlight Express gets handy West Main stop

Warning: The Alley Light's Happy Hour could actually, well, make you happy

Real Knock Out: brick and punch-throwing attacker arrested on the DTM

Warning: The Alley Light's Happy Hour could actually, well, make you happy

Knock Out Knocked Out: parties on both sides convicted of assault in Mall beating case

DTM Book Fest Picks: on the First Amendment, near the free speech wall

DTM Book Fest Picks: hell on heels?

DTM Book Fest Picks: Does literary publishing have a future?

DTM Book Fest Picks: kids bookswap at Oakley's Gently Used Books

DTM Book Fest Picks: publishing in the digital age

DTM Book Fest Picks: Book Fair at the Omni

DTM Book Fest Picks: exhibition with Pomegranate

DTM Book Fest Pick: Hemingway at the Skybar

DTM Book Fest Picks: honoring local "Maestro" George Garrett

DTM Book Fest Picks: writing and talking about food

DTM Book Fest Picks: women and the Bomb

DTM Book Fest Picks: find some inspiration

DTM Poll: musing on the 2nd Street Mall crossing

DTM Book Fest Picks: wide world of sports stories

DTM Book Fest Pick: Little known stories about World War II

DTM Book Fest Pick: poets at the bus station

DTM Book Fest Pick: the journey of life

Just announced at the Jeff & Southern: Zoso, Gogol Bordello, The Legwarmers, We Are Star Children, and more!

Vintage DTM: South First Street, 80s style

Book Bash: VA Book Festival coming next week

March First Fridays art exhibit line-up from the PCA

Wanna win $100 to dine at Rapture? Guess the score of the UVA vs UMD game this weekend.

Vintage DTM: flashback to the 1910s

Taize test run: Unique multicultural service at The Haven for Ash Wednesday

Local author on The DTM mission

Bean Buzz: Mudhouse one of 10 best coffeehouses in the country

Boost Your Bottom Line: Advertise on The DTM!

Attacker had "unsettling interest" in Toscano family

Music heads up! Eight new shows, events at the Jefferson and the Southern just announced

Delegate David Toscano's wife injured in assault/burglary

Saving face: The Bridge proposes an art-over for the "Landmark"

Vintage DTM: a blast from the 1980s

Music update: line-ups at Jeff, Southern, Pavilion

Vintage DTM: Roseberry captures the Mall's early days

New DTM restaurant: P4 to become Red Pump, A Tuscan Kitchen

Slideshow: Winter storm on the DTM

New place! The Alley Light shines on Second Street

Bengali-Indian cooking class at The Haven

Vintage DTM: history of Hamilton's Restaurant building

Knock at the door: Protesters accuse C-Ville Weekly of "inflaming racial tensions"

Public Fish & Oyster to open on West Main

Music at the Whiskey Jar 1/30 to 2/27

Music at South Street Brewery 2/4 to 2/25

Men charged in Mall assault file charges against alleged victims

They say it's your birthday: 88 Keys turns 88 at Fellini's

Feast on the DTM: Charlottesville Restaurant Week is here

Knockout fallout: Cville Weekly to be target of protest, again

Music at the Main Street Annex: 1/24 to 2/7

Music at Rapture: 1/22 to 2/5

13 new shows at The Jefferson & The Southern just announced

Vintage DTM: Main Street in the 1930s

Prelude to MLK week: old-style gospel at Fellini's #9, and more

Prelude to MLK week: old-style gospel at Fellini's #9, and more

More knock, knock: NBC29 interviews accused Mall attackers

Knock, knock: men involved in Mall "beating" tell their side of the story

Vintage DTM: the old A & N building

The DTM Launch Campaign: please show your support today!

No Knock Out: police charge two in Mall beating, details emerge

Crime, assault stats show DTM has become safer

Viral justice? Chief Longo on the alleged "knock out game" assault on the DTM