What is The DTM?

The DTM has been providing curated news, independent reporting, and commentary from Charlottesville, Virginia since 2012.

Good stuff from what seems to be the best news source in Charlottesville.” — Rick Tetzeli, executive editor, Fast Company Magazine.

What the DTM brings to local news—besides McNair’s institutional knowledge—is a zestier writing style than more established media.” - C-Ville Weekly

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Who is behind The DTM?

DTM publisher and editor David McNair was a staff writer for The Hook. You can learn way more than you need to know about him here. You can reach him here: dsmcnair@gmail.com or @DSMcNair

Why is it called The DTM?

The DTM started as a blog about the Downtown Mall, which always seemed to be at the center of things in Charlottesville. "DTM" was a local shorthand for the mall that people frequently used online.

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