Public Fish & Oyster to open on West Main

As some of you might know, the DTM's neighbor One Meatball Place at 513 West Main Street has closed, giving way to a place called Public Fish & Oyster, an East Coast seafood and raw bar place. Now they've announced they will be opening on February 4. Former Camino chef Matt Turner is in the kitchen and former Farmington Country Club manager Daniel Kaufman is the GM. Check out the menu below. Oh, they are also looking for bartenders, servers, and experienced oyster shuckers.

• Raw Bar ◦ Oysters on the Half Shelldaily selection 2 ◦ Middleneck Clams on the Half Shell 1/2 doz.daily selection 7 ◦ Chilled Shrimp Cocktail 1/2 doz.cocktail sauce 8 • • Salads ◦ Beetsheirloom beets, orange, pistachio, orange vinaigrette, Greek yogurt 7 ◦ Baby Greenshot house cucumber, sesame vinaigrette 7 • • Starters ◦ Seared Yellowfin Tuna Carpaccioseeded crust, olive tapenade citronette, roasted pepper scapece, basil 9 ◦ Clam ChowderVirginia clams, sherry, leeks, cream, fingerling potato, crispy pancetta 8 ◦ Broiled Virginia Oysterslocal cheek bacon, celery leaf, fennel, herbs, panko 12 ◦ Salmon Rillettessmoked and roasted salmon pâte, pernod, crème fraiche, yogurt flatbread 9 ◦ Pork Belly Sausagelocal sausage, stewed lentils, root vegetables, apple mostarda 8 • • Moules Frites ◦ Mediterranean smoked Spanish chorizo, saffron, fennel, roast tomato 16 ◦ Marinierewhite wine, shallot, lemon, parsley, splash of cream 16 ◦ Provençal white wine, garlic, tomato, capers, herbs, olive oil 16 ◦ Bangkokred curry, coconut milk, kafir lime leaf, basil, crispy shallots 16 • • Entrees ◦ Roasted Whole Fishdaily preparation Market Price ◦ Virginia Rockfishfennel pollen crust, shellfish ragu, creamy stone ground grits 27 ◦ Crab Cakeswinter radish-carrot salad, hazelnut, mustard sauce, leek–potato gratin 26 ◦ Virginia Trout Filetfrench lentils, smoked bacon, cider braised kale, pippin apple vinaigrette 19 ◦ Seafood Stewmelange of fish and shellfish, butternut squash, chickpeas, Sicilian style spicy broth, thyme pangrattato 22 ◦ Half Roasted Chickenpotato gratin, glazed root vegetables, ham hock gastrique 18 ◦ Composed Vegetablesdaily preparation 16 ◦ Steak FritesNY Strip, green peppercorn sauce, ham-hock gastrique 28 • • Something Extra for the Table ◦ Benne BeansFrench green beans, sesame seeds, shallot, sorghum butter 6 ◦ Leek-Potato Gratingruyere cheese 6 ◦ House Cut Belgian Friestwice cooked, sea salt, aioli 6 ◦ Stewed LentilsFrench green lentils, pancetta, apple, carrot 6 • • Desserts ◦ Homemade Chocolate Gelatonuts and cherries 6 ◦ Pippin Apple Gallettevanilla bean gelato, salted caramel 7 ◦ Orange-Cinnamon Crème Brûlée 7 ◦ Beignetsmeyer lemon crème filling, stewed blueberries 7