"Charlottesville is pretty much what you make it..."

Right: "I've been living here since 2001. I like it. [Charlottesville] is pretty much what you make it. I would recommend it to others as a nice place to live."

Q: What brought you to Chap's?

Right: "I had a friend who worked here, and next thing I know I have a job. I've been here for six and a half years. We're like family. When it's time to be serious, it's time to be serious. Good atmosphere. I like the five TVs up here. It's a good place."

Left: "I went to my first job this morning, and got off at 12:30 to come here [Chap's]. Got to take care of me and my daughter. I'm a single mother. I've been in Charlottesville all my life. I'm really kind-hearted, but I get stabbed in the back a lot."


Text and photo by Haley Burton. You can visit her Individuals of Charlottesville Facebook page to see people in other locations around Charlottesville.