"I have never witnessed or experienced a toxic culture and unethical practices like I witnessed at CASPCA..."
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December 2022

"The content will stay online indefinitely. We will not and cannot be influenced."
It’s a bit of “a murder mystery,” said McNair, who joined forces with Spencer, Stuart and other old colleagues from the Hook this summer to investigate…
The current Warrenton Police Chief will start work January 16

November 2022

...after City withheld their names until hours before the public forum.
This story includes incoming updates...
The broken and beleaguered local news ecosystem we live in now makes us uneasy. Who can we turn to and trust to tell us what's going on?

October 2022

It saddens me to share here that Matthew Farrell, a unique figure of the vibrant 1990s art scene in Charlottesville, was the one shot and killed at his…
“We are not removing the trees because we want to." said Riaan Anthony, Deputy Director of Charlottesville Parks and Recreation.

September 2022

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August 2022

Mall turns 50…in four years Who knew there was a Committee for the Preservation, Maintenance and Security of the Downtown Mall? From the August 2022…