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Getting shot is not a trend

VIDEO: business owners call on city to save the Downtown Mall

UVA sexual assault survivor: "...the fact that they let him resign was just such a betrayal."

VIDEO: Homeless report to City Council

Mel's Cafe owner remembered, honored

Judge: “Everyone’s arming themselves to what end?”

"Total lack of cooperation" leads to manslaughter plea in Downtown killing

DTM Action Plan: City wants to take charge

Did that really just happen?

A peaceful week-long protest at UVA ends in chaos

Talking local journalism, reframing our homelessness problem, and more

Bus shelter bill, dueling headlines, a bad arrest, and deadly shots fired

Virginia localities asking Gov. Younkin to remove "poison pill" in bus shelter bill

Judge rules lawsuit claiming UVA slow-walked sexual abuse investigation can proceed

Beyond Bars: $49 million jail renovation raises questions about our jail system

DTM gets designated, Alderman gets benched

Big Rose Hill police raid results in small possession charge, Esmont elders speak

Anti-Toke Governor not high on making weed sales legal, dueling homelessness stories, and gun violence trauma

Undersight Board: PCOB still struggling to establish itself

Wrong guy? Housing Authority ambitions, and IPV with guns

CRHA real estate moves questioned, store counts, and crash sites

A tribute, an unusual arrest, a big bust, pump failures, and three or four things

Ludwig v. Preacher Man, less homelessness, a big number, and a beloved grocery store

Supportive housing support, a hard rain, trail assaults, and a heartbreaking court case