Sitemap - 2020 - The DTM

Eviction Hearings: Charlottesville & Albemarle County

Language Matters: a four-part break down of Chief Brackney's press conference

Police Chief delivers a blistering rebuke to church leaders and social justice agencies who accused CPD officers of racial profiling and harassment

Don't be fooled: Enclosed outside restaurant tents are not actually the outdoors, say experts.

Like a Good Neighbor: State Farm reaped millions in aggressive sale-leasebacks of its operations centers, as did the LLCs who bought them and flipped them.

Server describes "miserable" situation amid pandemic

Plans for Pedestrian Bridge Over Rivanna River

Sketch of the Day: “The MEGA MAGA MONSTER”

What Did We Learn?

C-Ville Weekly, after cutting core staff, asks community to support local journalism

New Fire Chief hire and Police promotions; welcoming Otto; the winter restaurant scene, and more...

Sketch of the Day: "Thwack"

Charlottesville says goodbye to John Conover; local news landscape changed, and will Sen. Warner save our restaurants?

Freedom of Reach: how our local news landscapes have changed

Sketch of the Day: “use my words against me.”

Police vs. Civilians: What will it take to establish an effective Police Civilian Review Board?

Assaulting Officer: Former Police Civilian Review Board member questions CPD Chief's claim that "system worked as it was designed to"

Sketch of the Day: “Who’s a good boy!?”

Gaslit: UVA narrows the definition of sexual harassment; makes reporting offenses more of a criminal process

Sketch of the Day: “Kamala Harris”

Summer/Fall 2017: Love Always Wins

Sketch of the Day: “Back To School”

“Skill machine” operators highly skilled at lobbying; rep in VA is Democratic Party Chair

County Supe: “Because of a privileged race, I was not seeing the truth before my eyes."

Sketch of the Day: “Great American Outdoors Act”

Belmont Bridge Vortex: Do we really WANT a new bridge at all?

Redaction Action: VSP continues to block access to A12 Operations Plan

Charlottesville Tomorrow to challenge County over records request

City decides on online-only start to the school year, County includes some in-person instruction

Sketch of the Day: “Gohmert Pyle”

Attention Parents: area School Boards finally set to vote on re-opening plans today

COVID-19 risk index graphic for schools

Former City Fire Chief takes over Habitat for Humanity operations

Nothing set in stone: Local school boards set to decide on re-opening plans

Sketch of the Day. “See no evil - Hear no evil - Speak no evil”

Experts worry about September COVID-19 spike

Northam: "This happens when too many people are selfish."

County, City pass ordinances tightening coronavirus safety regulations

Overly Redacted: three years later, explanation for A12 stand down still at a standstill

Food Lion adds “Food Lion To-Go” service in Charlottesville locations

Local activist, reporter, Molly Conger arrested yesterday in Richmond

Sketch of the Day: “Rear View”

Sketch of the Day: "The Presidential Cognitive Test"

Imperfect Measures: County struggles with school re-opening plan

Virginia unemployment benefits fund projected to hit $0 in two months

County proposes hiring "ambassadors" to enforce more restrictive mask and occupancy ordinances

VA Unemployment Insurance program running "record deficit," say officials

Slowing Community Spread: Can County have one plan, and the City another?

UVA Re-Opening Plan: Trust the students?

Sketch of the Day. “President introduces latest member of the Coronavirus Task Force."

Without DMV, new voter registrations down

Charlottesville-based WorldStrides Files for Chapter 11

New Feature: Sketch of the Day by Michael Fitts

Is Virginia in a news desert? Not quite yet, but we are headed that way

Charlottesville set to expand Police Review Board powers, ban carrying of firearms on public streets

Should UVA student be expelled for "speed bumps" comment?

Entrepreneurial journalism is on the rise. Could it save local news?

Title IX Remix: will new rules on sexual harassment & assault investigations serve justice?

"Skill Machines" Company drops lawsuit against Charlottesville Commonwealth Attorney

Slave Block: historical marker thief disrupts the narrative in Charlottesville

Restored DTM Chairs Discovered in City Storage

A Charlottesville newspaper asked community leaders what their hopes for the future were. Everyone interviewed was white.