Attention Parents: area School Boards finally set to vote on re-opening plans today

Watch live at 2pm and 5pm

Both school boards will live stream their meetings today.

2pm. Albemarle County School Board. Watch.

5pm. Charlottesville School Board. Watch.

Albemarle County decision:

4pm: Vote for Stage 2 first failed 3-4, but than after a 10-minute break and new motion, it was passed 4-3. Not an easy vote for Board members. Not all virtual, which is Stage 1, as some Board members wanted.

Stage 2: 90% virtual through the first 9 weeks with some in-person instruction for students with special needs or without internet access. Teachers will return to in-person instruction on a volunteer basis during Stage 2. Stage 3 would increase the number of students allowed access to in-person instruction and add hybrid learning for PK-3. Stage 4 would offer hybrid leaning for all. Stage 5 would allow access to in-person instruction for all, but virtual learning would still be an option for students. Support staff will begin returning to regular in-school work hours gradually through each stage. Stages could be reversed should health conditions worsen, even before the start of school on September 8.

Charlottesville decision:

Background: Charlottesville Schools Superintendent Dr. Rosa Atkins has recommended to the Board that Charlottesville City Schools open all-online for the first nine weeks of the year. After a nearly 6-hour discussion, the Board voted unanimously to approve an all-virtual start to the school year beginning September 8.