What Did We Learn?

October 22 - October 27

This week I learned…

...that SUVs and heavy-duty trucks are mowing down pedestrians, most of whom are over 65 or living in suburban poverty.

...that government officials are determined to let us know how we should celebrate Halloween.

...that the City Schoolyard Garden received a $500,000 grant to give area youth healthy school meals and healthy living skills.

...that "Charlottesville" is still a subject for fancy national magazines.

...that our Chiefs of Police and Commonwealths Attorneys want us to behave on Election Day.

...that CATEC is cool with in-person instruction during the third wave of the pandemic.

...that Virginia Housing thinks landlords are going to tell their tenants about rent relief programs.

…that half the families in Albemarle County want their kids back in school.

...that white people in Charlottesville mean well, but still help perpetuate racial divisions codified decades ago.

…that America has learned this lesson from the Desiderata: "Avoid loud and aggressive persons; they are vexatious to the spirit."

What did you learn?