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Mysterious benefactor named "F" restores The Hook website

Washington Post investigates disappearance of The Hook website

Charlottesville selects new Police Chief: Michael Kochis

City holds public forum for three Police Chief candidates

Three UVA football players shot and killed, a fourth wounded, with a former player in custody and charged with murder (updates)

Breaking News: Does anybody know what happened today?

Cville Byline


Cville Byline

Matthew Farrell, 1990s Charlottesville art scene figure, murdered

Life & Limb: City says hazardous oaks on the Downtown Mall need to come down

Help us protect local journalism and preserve local history - restore The Hook website!

Early birthday plans, Insurrectionist sorry, and Moon wants more

Fifth Anniversary of A11/A12: “Almost everything that could have been mishandled was."

Unity Daze: Why was a celebration of unity to counter the division and hate on A12 abandoned?

RTD looks back at attempted ouster of UVA president. Meanwhile, website of local weekly that won state's top journalism award covering it vanishes.

Ex PD chief accuses City of lying, City buys a parking lot, and A12 in the trees on the DTM

Ex-PD Chief files $10M lawsuit, Twitter don't like Mike, and no CM for awhile...

Rebranding Cville, Louisa BOS say no to name change, A12 at 5, and accommodating untransit

Response Time: Whatever happened to that mental health crisis task force the City was going to form?

Did the City make a secret settlement agreement with former City Manager Tarron Richardson? Emails strongly suggest so.

Fatal Flaws: looking for answers on 5th Street

No Swimming? Calling all lifeguards and aquatic center operators

"A band-aid is better than nothing" Can a big donor non-profit organization rescue downtown?

Seeing Red: Fifth Street isn't the only place that needs to be safer.

Cville Byline...and more!

Will the next search for City Manager be as transparent as the last?

Could Big Media replace our local media?