Once again, a shooting in Charlottesville overshadows the news of the week, and the struggle to find solutions continues.
Yet more circumstances surrounding gun-related violence, and the CASPCA drama continues...

February 2023

The gun violence we've been experiencing as a community happens under a variety of circumstances...and makes us all feel helpless.
YMCA Summer camp "sells out" in 8 minutes Many parents hoping to get their children into a YMCA Summer camp this year, despite being prompt when…

January 2023

In September 2021, a short press release went out on a Wednesday evening announcing Charlottesville's police chief had been fired. No explanation was…
"I have never witnessed or experienced a toxic culture and unethical practices like I witnessed at CASPCA..."
Been spending a lot of time on social media lately (pray for me) so I’m sorry there hasn’t been a newsletter in a while. News happens fast these days…

December 2022

"The content will stay online indefinitely. We will not and cannot be influenced."
It’s a bit of “a murder mystery,” said McNair, who joined forces with Spencer, Stuart and other old colleagues from the Hook this summer to investigate…
The current Warrenton Police Chief will start work January 16

November 2022

...after City withheld their names until hours before the public forum.
This story includes incoming updates...