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The Body Keeps the Score

Is UVA hiding something?

Bills Shrugs: Will Charlottesville's megadonors help tip the scales, again?

October Notes: celebrating some strong local journalism!

Commentary: "Charlottesville" history gets rearranged for history

Ironies, karma abound in the latest ruling concerning that $43 million lawsuit against John Dewberry

"What were you even thinking?" Dairy Market developers retreat after community meeting

Shots Archived: Keeping track of area gun violence

Shots Fired Archive

Police reforms in Virginia stalling, but still needed, says new report

How potentially dangerous are the Downtown Mall vehicle crossings?

In wake of print run cut, Daily Progress announces staff additions

Why is the aging population growing so slowly in Charlottesville?

Should a downtown Coca-Cola ghost sign be "revitalized" or left alone?

The Woolen Mills Chapel finally gets a proper owner

The Sideways Development of Sidewalks

What We Talk About When We Talk About Homelessness

Eyes and Ears: UVA deploys their own "safety" force on the Downtown Mall

Conceptual Only

Hard news to hear, again and again

Conflict Resolutions

Tired of Shots Fired: everyone has an opinion, but who has a real solution?

YMCA camp sell out, housing out of reach, and speeding on county roads

Brackney lawsuit dismissed, but her firing still remains puzzling

Former animal shelter staff deliver blistering public critique of local SPCA leadership, operations

A tragedy revisited, trees come down, and shootings go up