Slowing Community Spread: Can County have one plan, and the City another?

…or UVA a third?

Allison Wrabel from the Daily Progress has today been covering a special meeting by The Albemarle County Board of Supervisors in which they are considering "an ordinance that would require masks in public, limit indoor occupancy at food establishments to 50% occupancy and limit public and private in-person gatherings to 50 people starting August 1."

The question is, given that the City and County are so intertwined, how does anyone expect this plan to be effective if both the City and County aren't on board with it?

Tweet thread:

Denise Bonds, the District Health Director, said there were two big block parties in the city during the Fourth of July weekend and multiple people who attended tested positive. - Allison Wrabel

UVa was going to start doing community testing on behalf of the health district, Bonds said, but now that deal has fallen through. Martha Jefferson will no longer be able to do community testing either after next week. - - Allison Wrabel

A state contract for UVA to get paid for the costs of the tests has fallen through. They were going to be giving free labor, Bonds said. - Allison Wrabel

Back to the Albemarle proposal: it's based on trend data, compliance and enforceability and community spread and trend data - Allison Wrabel

Since the beginning of July, our Health District has seen 510 news cases of COVID-19, 27 hospitalizations, and 7 deaths.

Compliance will be monitored by "ambassadors," who will be hired through a vendor. - Allison Wrabel

Supervisor Donna Price asks about where the city, UVa and Scottsville are on making these type of changes. County Executive Jeff Richardson said the county met with the city and UVa Monday for their weekly meeting, and the city said it was interested. He has a call at 5:45 with UVa and the city. - Allison Wrabel

Allison's full late-day story here.