Should UVA student be expelled for "speed bumps" comment?

UVA says it is investigating allegations on social media that a woman, presumably a UVA student, approached protesters participating in the Black Women Matter demonstration last Friday in her car and told them that they would “make good speed bumps.” Protest organizers are calling for her to be held accountable and expelled.

The incident was captured here by student activist Zy Bryant:

CBS19 News -- "I took the threat personally because if you want to date back Aug. 12, a woman actually died in a car accident," Bryant said. "She made her way up to where we were at and made that comment, so I took that personally."

In their statement, UVA said, "The University strongly condemns any threat directed at other members of our community."

"I think they will need to investigate and take into consideration that UVA has an honor code to where you're not supposed to say things like that and those things need to be handled," Bryant said. Read more