Profiles in Courage: C-Ville Weekly

A recent subscription appeal from C-Ville Weekly: "Independent media takes a time when our community needs fiercely independent reporting more than ever, we now depend on the support of our readers more than ever to help sustain our mission."

In June 2020, C-ville Weekly fired its Editor-in-Chief, Laura Longhine, its long-time Art Director, Bill LeSueur, and arguably its best reporter/writer, Erin O'Hare, without notice right after they finished the week's issue. It was what one former C-Ville reporter called a "bloodbath."

"Difficult decisions can still be made with respect and thoughtfulness. The way this was handled indicates, instead, contempt—for journalism, for our staff, and for the important role this paper plays in the community," said Editor Longhine at the time.

For a lesson in courage and independence, C-Ville Weekly might want to take a look at this recent story in the Washington Post, featuring freelance Charlottesville journalist Molly Conger, who live tweets local government meetings and tracks down and exposes fringe right extremists like those who came to Charlottesville in 2017. By the way, Conger was a columnist for C-Ville Weekly for a very brief time, but its publishers pulled the plug on her column because she was too critical of the police.