Local author on The DTM mission

Local author Jackson Landers posted this on his Facebook page recently. I'm so grateful for the kind words and support. And I hope you'll check out the important work Jackson is doing by visiting his website at jacksonlanders.com "For a long time I had no money. At all. Like, did not have enough money for gas to go into town and see other human beings. Recently that has changed. I am not rolling in dough, but things are better. I could maybe be doing little things like buying movies on Amazon for $5 each. But then where would I be afterward? I can just as easily read a book off of my own shelf for free. If you find yourself in a similar situation, and if you live near Charlottesville, consider throwing that $5 (or more) to David McNair's new independent news organization, Charlottesville DTM. Over the last few months, Dave has scooped the other local news outlets several times and provided the kind of in-depth and critical (when necessary) news coverage that The Hook did before it was shut down.

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