Imperfect Measures: County struggles with school re-opening plan

Katherine Knott reports on a recent virtual town hall hosted by Albemarle County School Board members to discuss proposed plans for reopening schools, which includes a mix of in-person and online classes plan, and in response to teacher input, an online classes only plan. Still, Board members were peppered with question about how these plans would work.

Planned first day of school: Sept. 8.

School Board vote on plan: July 30

More virtual town halls: 2pm today, July 24. 6pm on July 27. Go here:

Katherine Knott -- Albemarle County School Board member Kate Acuff added that the board is trying to balance the health and education needs of students and employees and the larger community while having the best possible outcomes.

“But there’s no denying that schools are a place where people might get infected,” Acuff said. “... We are working hard to minimize class sizes and interactions, but those measures are imperfect. …"