County proposes hiring "ambassadors" to enforce more restrictive mask and occupancy ordinances

Albemarle County is considering a return to Phase 2 pandemic restrictions, and giving Charlottesville and the University of Virginia the opportunity to "go along" with the proposed new ordinance, Allison Wrabel reports. The Board of Supervisors is expected to vote on the measures August 5.

The ordinance includes a face covering mandate in public places, and restaurants, breweries, and wineries would have to return to 50% capacity for any indoor service. The County would also hire "ambassadors" to enforce the ordinances, and County police would be counting customers in restaurants. Violators could face a Class 4 and Class 3 misdemeanor charges.

As some observers have pointed out, UVA is actually a part of Albemarle County, so its unclear how any ordinance would effect what the University chooses to do. Also, since the County, City and UVA are so geographically intertwined, businesses in close proximity to each other, and literally across the street from each other, could be required to follow different rules.

A video of the BOS meeting is available here.