C-Ville Weekly, after cutting core staff, asks community to support local journalism

This is rich. C-Ville Weekly asking the community to support local journalism and launching a digital membership program because "you’ll sleep easier knowing the future of local journalism is secure."

In June, C-ville Weekly fired its Editor-in-Chief, Laura Longhine, its long-time Art Director, Bill LeSueur, and arguably its best reporter/writer, Erin O'Hare, without notice right after they finished the week's issue. It was what one former C-Ville reporter called a "bloodbath."

"Difficult decisions can still be made with respect and thoughtfulness. The way this was handled indicates, instead, contempt—for journalism, for our staff, and for the important role this paper plays in the community," said Editor Longhine at the time.

C-Ville goes on here...

"To put it bluntly, the local news industry is in dire straits, and everyone has had to get creative."

Boy, this reveals how desperate the weekly is right now. Getting creative? The local news industry has been in dire straits for years now! Seriously, the Daily Progress was experimenting with paid content models in 2011. The Pew Research Center started sounding the alarm about the future of alt-weeklies in 2006!