Gubernatorial candidate Pete Snyder dupes local Charlottesville restaurant to hold a campaign rally

This is pretty funny. According to a Facebook post from Kardinal Hall, a representative from a "non-profit " group booked a 60-person luncheon on Friday. "At no time did the representative mention that the event would be a political rally or that there would be speakers of any kind," the post said. It apparently turned out to be a political rally for gubernatorial candidate Pete Snyder on his "Conservative Outlaw" campaign tour, which provided for a rare sighting of our 5th congressional district representative of Bob Good. Looks like NBC29 tried to cover the event as a typical campaign rally, but the story has been removed from their website.

Snyder is an "entrepreneur from Charlottesville" who no one knew about before he announced he was running for governor. At a recent event in Nelson County, Snyder told about a dozen people that our civil liberties were “shredded” under the "guise of a pandemic," that preserving election integrity called for greater enforcement and security, that legalization of small amounts of marijuana for recreational use and limited home cultivation was a mistake, and criticized the "woke mob," using the Blue Ridge Health District's recent name change as an example. “When does it end?” Snyder asked.